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demoI would love to see more Locals choose Union Fire Web Design to be their host on the web.  As you can see from the client list, I serve more than just Union Fire Departments.  If you have a need for a web site, visit the Contact Us page to fill out a request form and I would be happy to send you a quote.  Click here to see the other local's that are proudly served by Union Fire Web Design.  Thank you for visiting Union Fire Web Design.


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The latest addition to Union Fire Web Design is Illinois Association of Retired Firefighters.  Also joining, the Will-Cook, Grundy Fire Investigative Task Force.  If you need house, roof, deck pressure washed, check out Firefighter Owned and operated Red Line Pressure Washing, Inc.!  Thank you to all of you who have chosen Union Fire Web Design to represent you on the web!  



Need pressure wasing service?

Check out this template.

Red Line Pressure Washing, Inc.

We use Eco-Friendly solution appliedwith low pressure to remove algae, mold and dirt from your siding,soffits, gutters, and garage doors.  Check out Red Line Pressure Washing, Inc., which is owned and operated by a firefighter as well!



Welcome to Union Fire Web Design

About the Company


Union Fire Web Design is company run by an IAFF Union Fire Fighter, who decided to start a business of creating web sites for Fire Fighter Unions.  My name is Jeff Boetto, and I am a career Captain/paramedic with the Evanston Fire Fighters Association Local #742 and an Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois Honor Guard Member.  I have been an affordable solution on the World Wide Web since 1999.  I take great pride in offering affordable web hosting for firefighter unions, businesses, and political organizations.


As a Union Member, I understand that the dues money can be spread thin by negotiations, arbitrations, and other costs.  That is why Union Fire Web Design is here as an affordable means to communicate on the internet.  Many communities have a "fire department web site."  However, they are not representative of what your membership consists of.  You may have meetings, union fundraisers, etc. that your town will not post on the web for you.  Also, I can post your contract online.  That will allow for fewer phone calls from locals looking for your language during their contract negotiations. This also allows members of your local access to answer questions when a contract is not immediately available to refer to. 


When we look to have our Conventions hosted we seek a Union Hotel.  When we have fliers printed, we seek a Union Printer.  When you look to have a web site, why not seek a Union Web Developer who is as committed to your union as your local members are?  That was the question I asked when creating this web site.  I hope that you choose to have the Union Fire Web Logo added to your Local's web site.  


Do you only host Union Fire Web Sites?


Union Fire Web Design is an affordable solution to any business, personal, or political individual or group looking for affordable hosting on the web.  Union Fire Web Design was first began by hosing my Union's Local web site, Union Fire Web has grown to host many types of businesses at the same affordable rates.  I was told by a client that he was approached by the local Yellow Pages for an ad in their book.  He told me that their cost was over $400 per year for a single line in the phone book.  He asked his customers for a week if they look his business up on-line or in the phone book.  At the end of that week he became a Union Fire Web customer!  For the value, he was able to put his store location, photo's, order forms, fax number, all for a fraction of what he was going to be charged for just his phone number being listed in the phone book.


What are the costs?

Please look through the web site and contact me for an evaluation of your needs.  Union Fire Web Design hosting is one of the lowest around starting at $120.00 a year!  Features such as domain name ($11.99 .com or $13.99 .org/yr.), set up ($250.00 one time), design, e-mail accounts or e-mail forwarding, and maintenance ($120.00/yr.) of your site will be just $381.99 for the first year, and $251.99 every year after.  I am proud to offer this service to my Brothers and Sisters, and I look forward to taking care of the needs of your Local on the World Wide Web!  You get a web master who will actually update your site, add your photo's, edit your information, and answer questions when you have them.  Starting July 2018, Google will be lowing ranking for web sites that do not have a SSL Certificate.  So your domain name will start https: instead of http:.  The cost of a SSL at Union Fire Web Design is $60.00.  The total of the first year then would be $441.99 the first year and $311.99 annually for a .com web site. For more information, read the Google SSL Requirements article below.


Union Fire Web wins 2013 IAFF Media Award!

It is with great pleasure that I was awarded the 2013 International Association of Fire Fighters Media Award for Best IAFF affiliate web site, tied with the Professional Fire Fighters of Nevada. There were 285 entries submitted this year! This award was given for a web site that I am very proud of, and am also a member of, the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois Honor Guard. I would like to thank the IAFF & General President Harold A. Schaitberger for this distinguished award.


What do current customers have to say?

Please visit the Customer Testimonials page to view how current customers feel about the service they receive from Union Fire Web Design. 


Google SSL Requirements article

Google Chrome To Flag Sites Without SSL Certificates and HTTPS as Insecure Over the course of the last two years, rumors have swirled over Google’s position concerning forcing the move to HTTPS encryption. Last year, Google began officially warning website owners that non HTTPS sites would incur consumer messaging that identified the site as non-secure. Google says SSL Certificates on Your Website Are Required. The exact “when’ and the “how,” however, have eluded site owners up until today. On February 8th, Google made clear its intentions to formally mark websites lacking SSL Certificates (the certificate which once installed on the website results in an HTTPS secure URL string) as insecure. Google has confirmed a date of “early July 2018” as the start date. They have also disclosed how they will alert web surfers of the non-HTTPS status, or not secure. Sites that remain on the HTTP non-secure protocol will be flagged with a warning in the URL bar of the surfer’s browser. The non-secure flag will be built into the release of Chrome 68, which will be ready for download in early July. Here’s an example, as posted per Google, of difference in URL optics between HTTP and HTTPS encryption websites:

Google HTTPS warning.

It is possible that the flag could stand out by use of the color red.


However, that remains an unconfirmed aspect. Officially, the image above represents Google’s current likely change. Google followed up this by stating that the web’s transition to HTTPS, which is also identified as “making the web safer,” by disclosing numbers supporting HTTPS growth and scale. HTTPS encryption growth shows that most site owners are taking Google’s warnings seriously.


However, it remains that a large group of site owners has been less than motivated to make the change. This adaptive lag is likely a result of confusion over what HTTPS encryption is, the annual cost associated with HTTPS encryption maintenance, and general laziness.

What Is An SSL Certificate?


An SSL certificate is a security certificate that once installed on a web server activates a secure connection between the browser the surfer is viewing the content on and the web server that the content is derived from initially. The website’s URL protocol will change from HTTP to HTTPS. Currently, a security padlock will also be present in the URL as a way to further signal the status of the website’s Google SSL certificate. SSL certificates help the web cut down on instances of cybercrime that are often performed through security loopholes in web browsers. If the connection between the surfer’s web browser and web server are not secure through an SSL connection, a moderately skilled hacker could seize information, such as credit card numbers, as it is being typed into a form on an unsecured website.

Why are Google SSL Requirements Important?

    •Establishes Trust and Builds Brand Power
    •Provides Encryption of Sensitive Information
    •Provides Authentication

Non HTTPS sites and Google SEO – Why You Need To Adapt

For site owners who have lagged on adapting their site to HTTPS encryption, time is indeed running out. Google does not necessarily admit that non-HTTPS encrypted sites are at a handicap in its infamous search algorithm. It is relatively safe to assume that a security warning on a website could lead to drastic fallout. For example, it could decrease the time consumers spend on the site, the bounce rate, and eventually, the click rate on the SERPs. All of these factors would contribute to decreased search engine rankings.


Google is not only the largest search directory in the world, but they also have the most used web browser online. In fact, Google Chrome is leaps and bounds more used than any other web browser, according to this month’s Stat Counter. Googles leading role in both search directory and browser use mean that they yield enormous power when it comes to changes such as flagging non-HTTPS sites.


Does google sell SSL certificates? No.


An SSL certificate needed to convert your site to HTTPS can cost around $70 annually. The easiest place to buy one is with your hosting company. Many hosting companies are taking advantage of this situation and charging ridiculous fees, be wary. Overall, prices have been coming down due to increased demand by consumers.


Final Words About Being Prepared and Staying Secure


Any legitimate ecommerce platforms, shopping carts, and merchant banking processors already expect that websites be secured with SSL/ HTTPS. Non HTTPS websites will undoubtedly be exposed to the risk of lost search rankings and overall, less traffic.


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