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  1. How do I start a web site?
  2. Can I upload my own information once it is set up?
  3. How much do you charge?
  4. What is web hosting?
  5. Can I have e-mail addresses?
  6. Are you union?

How do I start a web site ?

  • Getting a web site started can be a daunting task.  There are many sites out there that offer cheap hosting, and make it seem like a breeze to set your own web site up in minutes!  Well, sometimes you get what you pay for.  Their service may have charges to "assist you" in getting your site to look the way you want it that are not included in their base price.  Union Fire Web Design will work with you to help get your ideas onto the web without those additional fee's.  An idea to help get you started is to look at what other web sites in your field have currently.  Look for things you like, and lay out a few pieces of paper with headings on each page you see.  A web site is just like a book, where your internal content is your chapters, a site map is your table of contents, and so on.  Each tab you see on a web site is a new page, or chapter in that web site.  Many have the same few chapters such as About Us, Contact Us, Photo Gallery, etc.  By laying out sheets of paper in front of you, it is a good example of how a web site is created. 
  • Write the information down you want on each of these. Many people think that a Web Designer can just instantly create their ideas into a web site.  Well, you need to give the designer the nuts and bolts, so they can put your ideas together.  That includes sending updates for your web site.  I tell many customers that although I am a firefighter, I do not work on their Department so I don't automatically know what to update on their web site.  That information such as news, events, photo's, etc. all need to be sent on to the designer to publish to your site.  Having a contact person in charge of sending this is usually a good idea.  .
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Can I upload my own information once it is set up ?

  • This is a good question that I get often.  Unfortunately, due to this being a sole proprietorship, I do not have a vast company of servers and employees that allow access to the site once it is created.  However, I do have my laptop with me 24/7/365 and check multiple times per day and updates are put on your site anywhere from minutes to the next day.  Unlike most major companies that charge anywhere from $125-$175 an hour to design and update your site, I have that price included in my annual maintenance fee of $120.00 per year.     
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How much do you charge?

  • The basic question everyone has when they want a web site is how much will this cost?  My prices have been the same for 14 years and counting now.  The first year the cost is $381.99, and every year after the cost is $251.99.  The initial year is more expensive, as there is a one time new site creation fee of $250.00.  The remaining cost the first year is the hosting fee of $120.00, and the domain name of ($11.99 .com or $13.99 .org/yr.).  The following year's cost of $251.99 includes $120.00 maintenance fee, $120.00 hosting fee, and $11.99 domain name.  You will find that my prices for domain names are one of the lowest in the industry.  I get fliers to buy my domain name for the low price of $35.99 per year all the time!  At my price, you can buy more for less and have the domain names point to your web site!  For payment via credit/debit card, you can use the PayPal link below.  Otherwise, you can mail a check for payment after you are billed. 
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What is web hosting?

  • I am often asked what is the meaning of web hosting?  To best describe web hosting I usually begin with your domain name.  A domain name is for example  It is what name you choose to call your site with the world wide web precursor, followed by your name, then the destination such as .com, .org, .us, etc.  I call your domain name your vehicle in this example.  Hosting is where your domain name and web site are parked.  So a good example is to say hosting is like buying a garage to park your vehicle in.  Maintenance is just that, updating your information, changing dates, photo's, events, e-mail's, etc.  Union Fire Web Design can also transfer your domain name if you have it with a more expensive company as in the example above paying $35.99 a year for your name.  You get to keep your same domain name, like your phone number, yet save money at the same time! 
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Can I have e-mail addresses?

  • Union Fire Web Design offers up to 100 free e-mail forwarding accounts per site.  For example, many people have an AOL or Hotmail account they check on a daily basis, and do not want additional e-mail accounts to check.  So, they ask for an e-mail account that will go to their regular account they check often.  Such as will go to if they have a Yahoo account they check daily.  There is also a 100MB e-mail system on each account.  You can divide that up how ever you like, so maybe 10 people have a 10mb e-mail account which can be set up through Microsoft Outlook.  Additional e-mail accounts can be set up for a nominal fee such as 5 Unlimited Business e-mails for $65.99 per year.
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Are you union?

  • Currently, due to the size of the company and the inability to hold two union cards, I do not have any GCIU web designers.  However, all of my printed materials are currently handled by a Union Printer with the GCIU.  I am a current International Association of Fire Fighters AFL-CIO Union member.  I have been creating web sites for firefighter union's since 1999.  I also design web sites for personal, business, and political sites as well.  I try to make being on the web an enjoyable, and mainly affordable experience for all of my customers.  I appreciate the opportunity to represent you and your company on the web!   
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