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History of Union Fire Web Design

Union Fire Web Design was initially formed by hosting Evanston Fire Fighters Association Local 742, where I work as a Captain/Paramedic.  At that time, when contract negotiations would come up for other fire department local's, our local had to spend money on shipping and printing to give copies of our contract.  When the web site was created, we had the option to send requests for our contract to the web site.  This saved the local time and money. 

As time passed, more and more fire department local's were going to the web to get out not only information to their local Brother's and Sister's, but to the public who was searching for information.  It was an affordable Public Relations tool to be able to get out messages such as safety, union fundraisers, share photo's of events, and more.  Member's who had side jobs began to call to set up web sites for their personal businesses, followed by general businesses who were searching for affordable ways to get their businesses on the web as well. 

What began in 1999 with one web site has grown to the home of many customers who are saving money and reaching more people than ever before through their web sites.  I am proud to give each of my customers the time and attention needed to make their site as successful as possible for their needs.  I am always available via phone or e-mail to answer questions and update customer requests.  


There are many different web sites that have a fire based theme to view at Union Fire Web Design.  Click Here to view the current fire based web sites.  There are fire department local's, groups, and associations that are hosted by Union Fire Web Design.  If your local or group has a theme that they are interested in, I will be happy to customize the photo's so that the template becomes your own.  A web site is a great way for your local or group to reach out to other members with information, training dates, union meetings, photo's of fires or rescue's, and of course a great Public Relations tool.  You can even have a Google Calendar on the site so member's can download your information to their smart phone's so they show up on time!  Union Fire Web is home to many Illinois local's, as well as locals from Washington to Colorado.

Union Fire Web Design is not home to just firefighter web sites!  Hosted here are businesses such as travel, insurance, deli, first responder, and more!  If you have a business that you would like to have hosted for a great price with great customer service, give Union Fire Web Design a try.  Reach customers in your field by having a sign up newsletter, place photo's of your business, have a Google Map for easy directions to your location, the potential to do so much more than a phone book ad! 


As a former Vice-Chairman & Chairman for the Democratic Organization of Troy Township, I have been a person interested in politics since I was 6 years old.  I used to pass literature for my Step-Father who was involved in the Machinist's Union and Will County Politics.  In 2006 I was asked to become a Troy Township Precinct Committeeman, and became the Vice-Chairman not long after.  I then served as Chairmain until 2020.  I have helped host web sites for many campaigns including sitting Judges, the Democratic Organization of Troy Township, and  Illinois 43rd Senator AJ. Wilhelmi's web site.  Although a life long Democrat, I am also a fair minded business person who would treat any individual looking for a web site with the same affordable and fast response as all of my clients.